Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday evening ...

Just a quick addendum to Saturday

Early evening the entire FSU multimedia class was invited to a pub by Dr. Everhart and her husband, Harry. In a light rain, we walked about 6 blocks to the Marlborough Arms and eventually were able to seat our entire group of 20 at two tables.
My choice of drink was shandy, a mixture of lager and Seven-Up (called "lemonade" in the UK). Sounds terrible, but it's actually quite refreshing. I talked one of my "mates" into trying it and she liked it also.
Another popular drink is called Pimms, which is made from cucumbers. I had a sip of my friend's drink, and found it quite tasty also.
For dinner, I had a hot cheese plate, which featured brie cheese, an onion comfit, and some toasted bread. It was very delicious. The confit was sweet with a sharp tang of marinated onion. I ran out of bread before I ran out of cheese, but I just spooned it out like soup. You see, here in the UK, they charge for extra bread ... and even cola refills. This is something we from the States must get used to.
After the meal, we had a nice walk back to the flat, the rain having departed and a cool breeze accompanying us.

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