Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting ready to leave ...

It has been a challenge to pack four weeks' worth of clothing and personal effects into a medium suitcase. I'm still wondering whether to pack my stuffed dog as a mascot for my photos or to make a "Flat Stanley" to include.

Several also suggested packing a few "home" food items. As you can see, I've been living in the South too long!

I also indulged myself in my first EVER manicure and pedicure!

Just 72 more hours and we're on our way.


  1. you are stylin' now, girl! Not just any pink but HOT pink! I'm flying out tomorrow so I'll be there a few days early - I'll be anxious to meet everyone on Thursday - I feel like we kind of know each other by now! Anyhoo, I know you're stuffed ... but I STILL love the puppy mascot!

  2. I agree with Kat, Jeannie. Surely there is room for one little itty bitty puppy! :D