Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Lifelong Dream Come True!

Just a few more days and I will be winging my way to London, England to start my "Grand Tour" of Europe. I will be joining a group of students through the International Programs at Florida State University. We are (almost) all graduate students in the College of Information and will be taking a course in multimedia. This is my final course in my Master's program, and what a way to finish up!

Our studies will take us to both London and Paris (and their environs). Then I will be traveling to the Swiss Alps for a few days and then to Venice, Italy. My traveling companion, Sheila, is another graduate student who has been a reading teacher in my school district and with whom I've developed a friendship over the past two and a half years. Neither of us has ever traveled to Europe, so this will be a big adventure.

One of our course requirements is to blog daily about our trip, so check here on a regular basis.

Wish me "bon voyage" on June 22nd.


  1. When in Paris, make sure that you visit the Palace at Versailles. You can take a short tour bus to arrive at the home of King Louis XIV-XVI. Before arriving in London, make sure you read The London Eye Mystery before taking a ride on this attraction built for the year 2000.

  2. Versailles is one of our scheduled field trips. I am so glad because now I don't have to try to "squeeze" it in.

  3. Jeannie I hope your trip is safe and WONDERFUL. I will be reading all your blogs. Bobby