Sunday, July 5, 2009

St. Paul's Survives the London Blitz

Click on the title above to listen to my podcast. (Thank goodness!). It is 4 minutes 18 seconds long and is 110.8 MB.


  1. Very nicely done!
    Did you find out what "Danger UXB" means?

    During WWII, many of the bombs that fell on London (and other British cities) did not explode when they landed. There were so many of these bombs, it took years to find them all. When one was identified, prior to it being removed, the location was marked with Danger UXB to keep citizens away. UXB = Unexploded Bomb.


  2. Yes, one of my flatmates looked it up when I asked if anyone knew. I haven't seen any to photograph yet, but truthfully, I haven't looked hard. Too busy trying not to trip over someone!